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Mac Slay Dispenser Refill


330ml Cans

A  powerful synthetic pyrethroid insecticide with high knock-down rate against most flying and crawling insects. Provides continued control against flies, fruit flies, sandflies, mosquitoes, moths, wasps, mites, fleas and ants. To be used with the Mac Slay Dispenser.

MAC Slay Dry Insecticide Is a powerful commercial strength insecticide spray formulated to kill both flying and crawling insects.

  • 6000 metered shots per 300ml can
  • Fully compliant industrial strength insecticide
  • Odourless, hypo allergenic formulations
  • Dry spray, non staining spray
  • Economical large format can – requires changing less frequently

Used extensively in food manufacturing and hospitality sites and DHBs throughout New Zealand

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