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Flea Pest Control

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Flea Extermination Services In Auckland

Select Home Services offers expert flea pest control solutions to effectively tackle your pest problems. Our team of skilled flea exterminators in Auckland uses the latest techniques and eco-friendly products to ensure your home is flea-free.

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Why Choose Us for Flea Pest Control?

Our flea treatment does two things: it gets rid of adult fleas in your home and stops their eggs from hatching. Our flea exterminators are committed to making your home comfortable again safely and effectively. Trust our expertise to help your pet and family feel better!

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Do You Need A Flea Exterminator? Here are the Tale-Tell Signs: 

Fleas are small, agile pests that can infest your home without you noticing right away. Being aware of the signs of a flea infestation is crucial for timely and effective flea extermination. If you see fleas, you obviously need flea pest control. Adult fleas are small (about 3mm long), dark brown, and fast-moving. You might spot them on your pet, in pet bedding, or jumping on carpets and furniture.

Here are key indicators that you might have fleas in your home:

  • Unusual pet behaviour

Your pets are often the first to suffer from flea activity. If you notice your pets scratching, biting, or licking their fur more than usual, it's a strong indicator that fleas are present. Fleas feed on blood, causing discomfort and potentially allergic reactions in pets.

  • Flea bites on humans

Flea bites are another clear sign of an infestation. These bites typically appear as small, red, itchy spots on the skin, often on the lower legs and feet. Flea bites are distinctive because they tend to be in clusters or lines and can linger for days.

  • Pets losing hair

Pets infested with fleas may develop patches of hair loss due to excessive scratching and biting. This can also lead to skin infections or hot spots, which are red, inflamed areas on the skin.

  • Flea dirt and eggs lying around

Flea dirt, or flea faeces, looks like small, dark specks in your pet's fur, on bedding, or on furniture. It can turn red or brown because of the blood they contain. Flea eggs are tiny, white, and oval-shaped, making them hard to see without close inspection. 

If you notice any of these indicators, it's time to contact professional flea exterminators in Auckland. Select Home Services offers expert flea pest control solutions to eliminate fleas and prevent their return, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for you and your pets.

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Frequently asked questions: 

Can I use DIY solutions to get rid of fleas? 

DIY solutions such as flea bombs can help, but aren’t as effective. They project themselves everywhere in the room, get all over stuff that doesn’t need to be treated. Our treatment is targeted and applied accurately. It also treats both adult fleas and eggs.

How can I prevent fleas from coming back? 

Unfotunately, there isn’t really anything to do prevention wise, other than de-flea your pet. 

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Select Home Services is your go-to provider for all pest control services in Auckland. In addition to flea extermination, we offer a wide range of services to keep your home pest-free:

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