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Rodent Pest Control Auckland

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Rat Exterminator Auckland - Rodent Pest Control

Safeguard your space from rats and mice with expert rodent pest control in Auckland. 

At Select Home Services, we specialise in rat extermination, offering solutions to keep your environment rodent-free. Our experienced team of rat and mice exterminators in Auckland is dedicated to providing effective rodent pest control that ensures your space is protected against these unwanted visitors.

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Select Home Services: Expert Rodent Exterminators Tackle Rat and Mice Infestations

Our team has extensive knowledge of Auckland's specific rodent challenges, enabling us to provide targeted and effective solutions. Our rat exterminators are highly trained and experienced in dealing with all aspects of rodent pest control, ensuring high-quality service.

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Why you need rat extermination

Rodent infestations in homes or workplaces require immediate attention due to the numerous risks and damages they pose. Hiring a rodent exterminator or getting rodent pest control is not just about removing nuisances; it's about safeguarding health and protecting property. 

Here at Select Home Services, we do a lot of rodent control for commercial kitchens (restaurants, cafes), warehouses, nurseries and plant barns.

Here's why rodent pest control, including rat and mice extermination, especially in areas like Auckland, is critical:

  1. Health issues: Rodents are carriers of diseases harmful to humans. It's not just about spotting a mouse or rat; it's about what they leave behind. From their droppings to their urine, these little critters can spread illnesses. 

  2. Protect your belongings: Rodents chew through just about anything. Let's keep your belongings safe and sound with effective rodent control.

  3. Allergies and asthma: The allergens found in their droppings, urine, and dander can trigger allergic reactions and asthma attacks. Our rodent pest control services aim to give everyone in your space the chance to breathe easier, without the worry of allergens lurking around.

  4. Safeguard your kitchen: Imagine this: you're about to cook dinner, only to find your ingredients compromised by unwanted pests. Rodents are infamous for contaminating food. Our rat and mice extermination, and more specifically our restaurant pest control services will ensure your kitchen stays pristine.
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Think you need rat extermination? Here are some signs:

Discovering a rat or mouse in your home or workplace can be unsettling. Recognising the early signs of an infestation is key to tackling the problem before it escalates. Here are some clear indicators that you might need to consider rat extermination services in Auckland:

  1. Droppings - One of the most noticeable signs of a rodent problem is the presence of droppings. They're dark, skinny, and vary in size – mouse gifts are tiny, around 5mm, but rat gifts can be up to 15mm long. Spotting these means it’s time to chat with a rodent pest control expert.

  2. Smell - Rodents, especially in large numbers, leave a noticeable ammonia-like smell from their urine. This alone can be a big hint that you need some help from rodent control services. 

  3. Noises - Rats and mice love a good night time exploration. These sounds come from rodents moving around, seeking food, or building nests.

  4. Damage - As mentioned, rats can chew through just about anything, from wood, to cables, to plastic.

  5. Nests - Rodents build nests for themselves out of paper and fabric. These hideouts are often tucked away under floorboards, in ceiling spaces, or behind appliances.

  6. Runs - Keep an eye out for small entrance holes in your garden or along the pavement, these could be rodent burrows.
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Frequently asked questions: 

How does our rat extermination services work? 

We offer two types of treatments: reactive and preventive.

Our six-week programme aims to address existing issues and bring the population under control. It consists of three visits: setup, follow-up, and final inspection/collection. Typically, for properties facing a one-time issue, these visits are sufficient to eliminate rodents on site.

Do you offer a DIY rodent pest control option?

We offer a DIY option for customers to buy bait stations and bait from us. For an extra fee, we provide on-site assistance, guiding them on where to place the stations and how to refill them.

Are your bait stations safe? 

Our bait stations are safe and tamper-proof and require a key to open, ensuring safety around pets and children. 

We sell bait stations and bait on our website shop (link). 

Can you help with other pests besides rats and mice?

Yes! Besides being a rat exterminator Auckland trusts, we offer a wide range of pest control services. Our team is equipped to handle various pest issues, in both residential and commercial properties ensuring your space is comfortable and pest-free.

How can I prevent rats and mice from coming back?

Preventative measures include sealing entry points, keeping your space clean and free of food waste, and reducing clutter where rodents can hide. Our rodent control Auckland team also provides advice and services to help keep your property rodent-proof after rat extermination.

Explore Our Range Of Pest Control Services

In addition to rat extermination, we offer a wide range of pest control services to keep your home or business pest-free. Our services include:

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