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Mac Slay Dispenser


(includes 2 x 330ml Cans)

A stylish dispersal unit combined with a powerful synthetic pyrethroid insecticide with high knock-down rate against most flying and crawling insects. Provides continued control against flies, fruit flies, sandflies, mosquitoes, moths, wasps, mites, fleas and ants.

MAC Slay Dry Insecticide Is a powerful commercial strength insecticide spray formulated to kill both flying and crawling insects.

  • 6000 metered shots per 300ml can
  • Fully compliant industrial strength insecticide
  • Odourless, hypo allergenic formulations
  • Dry spray, non staining spray
  • Economical large format can – requires changing less frequently

Used extensively in food manufacturing and hospitality sites and DHBs throughout New Zealand

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