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Possum Pest Control Auckland

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Possum Pest Control in Auckland

Possums, while native to Australia, have become a significant pest issue in New Zealand. Their presence can lead to damage to our native flora and fauna, as well as cause issues in residential and commercial properties. Select Home Services is here to provide top-notch possum control solutions in Auckland, ensuring your environment is safe and possum-free.

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Possum removal in Auckland and Rodney

Possum Pest Control NZ: What We Offer

We specialise in identifying, managing, and eradicating possums from your property. Our services include thorough inspections, custom treatment plans, and preventive measures to keep possums at bay. Rest assured that your possum control needs are in capable hands.

We offer a range of possum control services, from inspection and removal to prevention and proofing. Our experts will assess your specific situation to develop a plan that addresses both the immediate issue and long-term prevention strategies.

Our possum extermination methods are safe for both humans and pets and comply with local wildlife protection regulations. We prioritise humane treatment of possums while ensuring the safety and security of your property or business.

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Why Do I Have Possums On My Property? Possum Extermination Services

Discovering possums on your property or business can be both surprising and concerning. These nocturnal creatures are attracted to urban and suburban areas. Understanding why possums have chosen your home or business as their new habitat can help in effectively addressing the issue with targeted possum pest control measures.

Possums are versatile in their nesting habits, making their homes in a variety of places that offer warmth and seclusion. They are known to venture into urban gardens, attracted by the diverse and readily available food sources. They feed on flowers, fruits, and vegetables, with a particular taste for succulent, sweet vegetation. This includes flower and rose buds, fruit-tree buds, fruits, and nuts.

Our experienced team understands the habits and preferences of possums, enabling us to provide effective solutions to protect your property and garden from these nocturnal visitors.

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Possum in roof looking down

The Importance of Possum Pest Control

Possums have emerged as a notable environmental and economic nuisance in New Zealand. Their presence in Auckland, in both urban and rural areas, often requires the implementation of measures for possum pest control. Possums have a tendency to infiltrate areas like roofs and crawl spaces in search of shelter, causing damage to buildings, structures, and insulation, which can be costly to repair. Our possum control services give you peace of mind that your home is protected.

Possums can also devastate crops, orchards, and gardens by feeding on fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants. Effective possum extermination services are essential to safeguard properties and agricultural productivity from possum-related damages.

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Frequently asked questions: 

Is possum extermination safe for pets and children?

Absolutely. We prioritise the safety of your family and pets by using environmentally safe and humane methods for possum extermination.

Are possums dangerous? 

Possums can carry various diseases that can be transmitted to humans and pets, including but not limited to leptospirosis, tuberculosis, and tularemia. They can also be carriers of parasites such as fleas, ticks, and mites, which can spread to pets and humans.

How can I make my property less attractive to possums?

Maintaining a clean and tidy yard, securing garbage bins, and removing easy food sources can make your property less inviting to possums. Installing possum-proof barriers around trees and buildings can also help. 

What should I do if I find a possum nest on my property?

If you discover a possum nest, avoid disturbing it and contact professional possum exterminators. Our team is equipped to safely remove the nest and implement strategies to deter future nesting on your property. 

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In addition to possum extermination, we offer a wide range of pest control services to keep your home or business pest-free. Our services include:

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